Emerging Scholar

A total of 7 students in a library. Three students are talking on the left, three students are talking on the right, and one student wearing glasses is studying in the center.

The Emerging Scholar Award recognizes early-career critical race scholars who are making identifiable and significant contributions to the field of critical race studies in education.

When reflecting on criteria for the Emerging Scholars Award, competitive nominees should have work that addresses and/or has an impact in more than one of the following criteria:

● Active involvement in CRSEA.
● Scholarship as evidenced by recent publications in journals.
● Impact of scholarship on the field of critical race studies in education.
● Consistent record of influential publications (i.e., highly cited).
● Publication of a significant book and/or receipt of a book prize.
● Receipt of awards from one’s peers, or professional societies.
● Receipt of research/project funding.
● Presentation or exhibition of significant work in the creative, visual and/or performing arts.
● Editorial board membership of peer-reviewed journals.

Emerging Scholar Awardees